The Inventor

I am Jarrel Byer. I am the studious Invention Developer.

I invented PopCard Wallets.

I learnt about how humans can become more efficient at achieving results and completing tasks, during some neuronal myelination lectures in university. Neurons are technically the solid foundation of all humans skills, because it is what allows us to think and move.

It is why walking with our legs helps us never forget how to ride a bicycle, or skateboard. It is also why holding a paint brush and painting is a difficult skill to lose (forget about).

Fortunate for us: I spent some years applying this information to develop myself, and become more efficient at mastering invention development.

I used this same skilled thinking to make the first, second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth versions of my PopCard wallet invention.

The best and most recent version is the same version you can purchase here, today.

I spent much time collecting the legal, manufacturing and retail knowledge required to be victorious at this.

I then spent years repeatedly using my brain, to analyse the winning characteristics of random best selling products.

I studied the market champions; the reasons most people rated Poduct J more highly than product K; the benefits that overlapped and the benefits that were unique. I needed to know "How to Make the Best Inventions".

Doing this enabled me to understand exactly what I should make and provide, to earn the best results for both myself and my customers. 

I used my product reviewing process to develop my skill in the right direction. I trained my brain to make only the best decisions about how a product can benefit us most. These are the same parts of my brain that I used to invent the PopCard wallet (the best pull tab wallet on Earth!).

I believe a new invention should make the situations that it is used in, better in at least one way, for the humans using it.

This could be calmer feelings, more efficient functionality, easier usability, increased portability, etc.

Have faith in God's will for us, and how well he designed us humans. Without doubt in our hearts, we are able to more rapidly increase our skill levels, thereby producing exponentially better results!

This is all humanly possible, according to Jesus Christ, and apparent through all highly repeated skilled works.

Mark 11:23

Matthew 21:21

Philippians 4:13

Buy a PopCard to support this good effort :)